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Kids For Uganda, offers you the possibility to be a sponsor to a child from the region of Nkozi, for the sum of € 10,00 or € 20,00 per month.  Nkozi, is the village in South Uganda where we are active as an aid organisation.

As a sponsor, you will be offering the child the possibility to attend school at St-Patrick’s Preparatory School. The latter is a primary school that we are helping to finance the building of an extension.

A Quality Education
This school wants to offer quality education and therefore has to restrict the number of students per class. St-Patrick’s does not receive any subsidies from government authorities; as a consequence of this restriction on number of students, the school fees are 4 to 5 times higher than in a state school. In the state schools, classes of more than 100 students per teacher are not uncommon, such that it is impossible to get the appropriate level of education needed.

Unfortunately, many families in the areas around Nkozi are not able to afford the high school fees, which means that the children do not get access to quality education and therefore the capabilities of St Patrick’s are not fully utilised.

What will the money be used for?
Sponsorship offers, for a number of children, a solution to still enjoy a quality education.

If you were to donate € 10,00 a month, Kids For Uganda would be able to use this to pay the school fees for one child. If you were to donate € 20,00 per month, € 10,00 would be used for school fees while the other € 10,00 would be used to further build the school.

The school fee of your child will be directly given to the school, which ensures that it is used for the education of the child.

Picture and information sheet
Should you accept to be a sponsor, you will receive a photo and information sheet on the child, which also describes their family situation. On a yearly basis, you will receive a more recent photo and a short progress report.

Tax deductible
The total sum that you donate over one year for the sponsorship is fiscally deductible in Belgium.

Signing Up
For more information or to find out how to sign up as a sponsor, you can contact Sandrine Geentjes, Arlette De Rijk, Carine De Groote, Agnes Penne
or any other steering committee member of the Kids For Uganda.


Kids for Uganda

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