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What is Kids for Uganda?

Kids for Uganda is a Belgian, non governmental organisation, for development aid and development cooperation.

The children of Uganda have captured our hearts and minds, because of the ever-increasing number of orphans, the persistent conflict in the northern part of the country and the growing threat of AIDS they face.


Kids for Uganda stands up for?

the right of every child to:
  • education
  • health, and
  • a standard of living that suffices for their physical, mental, intellectual, moral and societal development

All these are specified in the International Treaty for the Rights of Children.

To achieve a better future for the children in Uganda, we believe that education, health care and standard of living should at least meet the basic minimal requirements. That is why it is important for us to work on all three pillars at the same time.


Our Mission

Kids For Uganda has the following goals:

  • to raise awareness and sensitize young people in Belgium of the North-South problem (developed vs. developing world)


  • to establish durable aid activities in Uganda, that respect the local, traditional culture.

Our Activities

In Belgium :

  • organizing working holidays in Uganda for young people
  • presentations in schools and youth centres;
  • fundraising and awareness events
  • information booths are regularly made available at all sorts of events, e.g. Christmas markets, trade shows, open door days, etc.

In Uganda:

  • focus is on carrying out education and health care programmes
  • Kids for Uganda helps primarily in the construction, renovation and equipping of schools and hospitals

The establishment of boarding schools makes it possible to take in orphan children into the school community. Effort is made to have orphaned children from the North (where there is continued violence from war), grow up in the peaceful southern region.

In order to develop the third pillar, Kids for Uganda tries to collaborate with local partners and other organizations for development aid that focuses on agriculture, trading, financing, etc.




Kids for Uganda

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